Calling all creators, retailers, and dreamers… 

Jennifer Neuguth, founder of IamTra, is ready to help you take the next step on your entrepreneurial adventure.

Jennifer holds 30 years of experience in retailing, wholesaling, event management, product design and manufacturing. A creative entrepreneur at heart, her career is defined by bringing artistic ideas to life and spreading them into her community and beyond. With this vision, she has helped dozens of artisans find a place in their local market, fostered strong teams of dedicated staff, and built a lifestyle brand with national reach.

Jennifer is ready to assist you in boosting sales, managing your workforce, display, design, mid-to-large scale event planning, and product development. Whether you are looking for a better way to merchandise your shop window or to create the item that everyone will want in their shop window, consulting with Jennifer will help you grow your business and realize your goals.

Consulting services start at $50/hour. Please email for more information.

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