IamTra Mantra Socks


$ 15.00

Part comfort, part good luck charm, and more subtle than Superman's cape, IamTra Socks help you stay focused on your personal power. Slip them on as you step into being your truest self. Every day. Available in 4 mantras and 4 quotes. Socks are 83% cotton, 16% nylon, 1% spandex. Size 9-11 sock usually equals size 5-10 in a women's shoe.

"Love the socks...Love everything" - Kathy S.


I am Joyous, I am Balanced, I am Healthy

I am Fearless, I am Focused, I am Ready

I am Brave, I am Healing, I am Blessed

I am Positive, I am Open, I am Limitless

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