IamTra Beads


$ 56.00
IamTra Beads are more than jewelry, they're an opportunity to get quiet and give thanks for friends and family, appreciating what's come into your day, sending love and care where they're needed - bead by bead - every day. You may call it meditation or prayer or focus. You may go through half the beads or the whole string. Be in your bed or in your car or on a park bench. Wear them around your neck or your wrist. However you use them, IamTra Beads are your tool for staying centered, appreciative, and heading in a positive direction.

Made of 108 ebony bead with a pewter bee charm by a cottage industry of women in rural RI.

Ebony wood symbolizes beauty.

The pewter bee represents the honey of life.

The red glass bead symbolizes passion. 

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