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Fill it up, strap it on, and go! With your Jar-to-Go, you have easy access to healthy food and drink - right when you need it. Fill the jar with lemon water, tea, fruit smoothie, salad, granola, nuts...slide it into the insulated, protective neoprene bag and clip it on your purse or backpack. Take your Jar-to-Go on the road, and nourish yourself with healthy choices and positive intentions - any time.

  • Holds 25 oz of food or drink
  • Includes a wooden spork (combo spoon and fork)
  • Features several mantras on neoprene carrying bag with strap
  • Use the straw add-on to change the Jar to Go into a drinking jar
  • Neoprene keeps contents either hot or cold
  • Parts made in the USA
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