IamTra Necklace


$ 15.00

Stones have power to focus the mind and help bring your intentions to life. That’s why the IamTra Stone Necklace is more than jewelry, it's a beautiful opportunity to strengthen what you want to experience. Choose the stone whose properties resonate for you, and use your necklace as a meditation tool or simply a daily reminder. However you use it, your IamTra Stone Necklace helps keep you centered, appreciative and heading in a positive direction. 

Each necklace hangs on a 17" silk cord. Semiprecious stones are balanced by a cut glass bead.


Fluorite: brings peace, mental order, clarity

Aventurine: success, prosperity, clarity

Blue Picasso: intuition, artistic creativity

Rose Quartz: unconditional love, opens heart, romantic, self-love

Amazonite: lessens stress, strengthens self-esteem, hope stone

Amethyst: peace, stability

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