IamTra Tea to Go Set: Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon Ginger


$ 30.00

What we focus our attention on is what we experience. IamTra Tea's delicious blends of all organic herbs make it easy to anchor positive intentions for yourself and your life.

Our IamTra Tea to Go kit contains three organic tea blends that make approx. 10 cups each plus a tea strainer. Toss it in your bag, your briefcase or your luggage, and you will always have IamTra Tea on hand to add to any hot cup of water!

Tea/Mantra Blends:

Chamomile: Joyous/Balanced/Healthy

Peppermint: Positive/Open/Limitless

Lemon Ginger: Fearless/Focused/Ready 

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