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Everyday Tools for Healthy Living: IamTra supports emotional empowerment, confidence, and courage.


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IamTra products (water bottles, cups, tea, magnets, beads, family table water bottle, etc.) are tools that I can use in my daily life for healthy living, inside and out. I have found that if you stay focused on who you want to be and what you want from your life, it will happen!

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IamTra Candle: Cows
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: New York City
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: Sea
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: Seattle
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: Snowflake
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: Trees
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: Birds on Wire
$ 28.00
IamTra Candle: Hummingbirds
$ 28.00

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