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IamTra Stone Stack, Blue Picasso


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IamTra Stone Stack, Blue Picasso
IamTra Stone Stack, Blue Picasso
IamTra Stone Stack, Blue Picasso
IamTra Stone Stack, Blue Picasso
IamTra Stone Stack, Blue Picasso

Stones have power to focus the mind and help bring your intentions to life. That’s why IamTra Stone Stacks are more than jewelry, they're a beautiful opportunity to strengthen what you want to experience. Choose the stone whose properties resonate for you, and use your Stack as a meditation tool or simply a daily reminder around your wrist. However you use them, IamTra Stone Stacks help keep you centered, appreciative and heading in a positive direction. 

  • Made with semiprecious stones, ebony wood and a red glass bead
  • 24 semiprecious stones to choose from
  • Each stack is tagged with the name and properties of the stone
  • Made by a cottage industry of women in rural RI, USA

"That's what I call power beads. Folk lore says most natural beads have energy. I also believe that." - Lorraine W.

"IamTra stacks aren’t pandering to a trend or making loud public statements, but rather the stones are a personal commitment to what you want and need in life." - Happy Customer

Fire Agate - courage, protection, spiritual advancement
Amethyst - peace, stability
Aventurine - success, prosperity, clarity
Amazonite - lessens stress, strengthens self-esteem, hope stone
Mookaite - internal and external balance
Ocean Jasper - love self and others, heal emotions
Blue Agate - gentleness, tranquility, communication
Blue Picasso - intuition, artistic creativity
Dragon Blood Jasper - brings joy to community interactions
Obsidian - protection, grounding, remove negativity
Rhodonite - grace, elegance, decrease anxiety
Rose Quartz - unconditional love, opens heart, romantic, self-love
Snowflake Obsidian - balance, serenity, protection
Sodalite - intelligence, efficiency, communication, end arguments
Garnet - romance, love, self-confidence
Carnelian - creativity, individuality, courage
Unakite - heal abandonment, weight loss, gardening
New Jade - prosperity, financial healing
Tourmalated Quartz - protection, reduces anxiety, stress & depression
Labradorite - magic, attract success, mental clarity
Flourite - brings peace, mental order, clarity
Aqua Terra Jasper - inner peace, love, compassion
Qinghai Jade - relaxation, balance
Honey Jade - powerful emotional balance, unconditional love
Tiger's Eye - protection, grounding, integrity


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